Thêm một bất ngờ tối hôm qua nữa đó chính là phụ kiện Gear VR được hãng Samsung giới thiệu cho chiếc Galaxy Note 4. Đây là phụ kiện sản xuất dưới sự hợp tác giữa Samsung và Oculus. Gear VR sẽ sử dụng màn hình của Galaxy Note 4 để hiển thị không gian ảo cho phép người dùng xem phim, video, chơi game với một trải nghiệm hoàn toàn mới mẻ. Thiết bị sẽ kết nối với Note 4 qua cổng microUSB 1.1, có thể nhớ 16GB đi kèm cho phép tăng thêm tùy thích, hỗ trợ hình ảnh 3D. Tuy nhiên hiện tại thì chỉ mới có trò chơi Temple Run, một số nhà phát hành phim và video là lên tiếng hỗ trợ thiết bị này trước cuối năm nay. Hãng Samsung cũng chưa cho biết khi nào bán ra phụ kiện này nhưng sẽ bán ra ngay trong năm nay.

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Samsung Explores the World of Mobile Virtual Reality with Gear VR
Samsung and Oculus collaborate to create an immersive new dimension of mobile life with
the first widely available mobile VR headset optimized for Galaxy Note 4
​Berlin, Germany – September 3, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced the next generation in wearable technology, the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, enabling users to fully immerse themselves in a cinematic virtual reality environment. Powered by Oculus technology, the Samsung Gear VR delivers a completely new way to experience and consume mobile content. It continues Samsung’s leadership in the wearable category through innovative technology and compelling design to expand the definition of mobile life.

​The result of a deep and integrated partnership with Oculus, a Facebook company and a leader in virtual reality technology, the Samsung Gear VR creates an immersive mobile virtual reality experience that the industry has never seen before.

​“The Samsung Gear VR goes far beyond expectations of how mobile technology can be used to consume content, and is a powerful representation of the progressive innovation of the Gear series,” said JK Shin, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “We are pleased to have partnered with Oculus VR to bring this incredibly immersive mobile content experience to consumers.”

​”We are thrilled to reveal the Gear VR Innovator Edition, a state-of-the-art mobile VR experience powered by Oculus,” said John Carmack, CTO of Oculus. “The deep technical partnership with Samsung has enabled us to create a virtual reality headset with world class resolution and performance, all on a completely mobile platform.”

​The Samsung Gear VR delivers an unrivaled viewing experience with the 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 4 providing stunning and engaging visuals at a mobile-leading resolution. With the Gear VR Innovator Edition, users can sit in the best seat of a theater, can be on-stage of a performance with full 360 3D video, and can enjoy gaming like it’s never been seen before – inside the stunning worlds where imagination becomes reality. Samsung’s industry leading Super AMOLED display technology and cutting-edge Oculus-driven technologies fuse to create an experience that surprises and delights – all on a mobile device.
​Built with soft, flexible cushioning and lightweight materials, the Samsung Gear VR is comfortable to wear. It is completely wireless, so users can be fully engaged in virtual worlds without being tethered to a computer. With a robust selection of optimized virtual reality content from a wide range of top-tier creators, users will be able to enjoy a wide range of film, gaming, 360 degree video, and educational/experiential content.

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