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Chủ đề: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 bắt đầu bán ra tại Mỹ từ ngày 7/7 với giá $199 USD

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 bắt đầu bán ra tại Mỹ từ ngày 7/7 với giá $199 USD

    Theo thông báo chính thức từ hãng Samsung tại Mỹ vào hôm nay cho biết, dòng máy tính bảng Galaxy Tab 3 sẽ bắt đầu bán ra tại thị trường Mỹ từ ngày 7/7 tới thông qua những nhà bán lẻ Samsung.com, Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Office Depot... Trong đó, phiên bản thấp nhất Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 sẽ có mức giá rẻ nhất trong nhóm với $199 USD, còn phiên bản Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 thì giá bán cao hơn $100 USD. Cuối cùng là phiên bản Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 có mức giá bán cao nhất $399 USD. Tất cả phiên bản bán ra điều là phiên bản chỉ có kết nối mạng Wifi với 2 màu nâu/ trắng để người dùng lựa chọn.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 là chiếc tablet nhỏ nhất trong dòng máy tính bảng mới này với việc được trang bị bộ xử lý 2 nhân 1.2GHz, màn hình cảm ứng 7 inch TFT có độ phân giải 1.024 x 600 pixel, 8GB ROM, hỗ trợ thẻ nhớ, chạy hệ điều hành Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Trong khi đó thì phiên bản lớn hơn Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 được trang bị bộ xử lý Exynos 1.5GHz, màn hình có độ phân giải cao 1.280 x 800 pixel, 5 megapixel camera chính hỗ trợ quay phim HD 720p, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB ROM, hỗ trợ thẻ nhớ và chạy hệ điều hành Android 4.2 JB mới nhất.

    Còn phiên bản cao cấp nhất và lớn nhất là Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 được trang bị bộ xử lý 2 nhân Intel Z2560 1.6GHz, màn hình có độ phân giải tương đương của Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, camera chính chỉ 3 megapixel, 1.3 megapixel camera phụ nhưng lại hỗ trợ cổng hồng ngoại cho phép điều khiển thiết bị điện tử trong gia đình qua ứng dụng WatchON TV tương tự Galaxy S4.

    Tham khảo: Engadget

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Portfolio Offers Consumers New Variety and Personalized Experiences for Staying Connected
    As consumer tablet usage swells, new consumer research shows demand for more choice and Samsung's new 7", 8", and 10.1" tablets deliver

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J. – June 24, 2013 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today debuted three new tablets as part of the Galaxy Tab 3 family, allowing consumers to choose which tablet suits them best. The 7 inch, 8 inch and 10.1 inch Galaxy tablets offer a range of screen sizes and a suite of experiences built for a broader set of individual and family preferences, making this lineup of tablets ideal for both home and on-the-go uses. The Wi-Fi-enabled Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio will be available in three form factors: Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 3 10.1., and will be available in the U.S. beginning July 7, with pre-orders starting tomorrow.
    "Samsung's industry-leading smartphones, Note devices and tablets address consumers' diverse demands and personal preferences," said Nanda Ramachandran, vice president of emerging business at Samsung Telecommunications America. "The Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio offers consumers more options for tablets that serve as their ultimate smartphone companion, the center of home and on-the-go use, and mobile devices packed with content and services."
    New consumer data* from Forrester Research validates that tablets are quickly becoming a central mobile device for consumers. Specifically, 49 percent of U.S. consumers who own both a mobile phone and tablet prefer the tablet as their primary device to go online. Data from the same Forrester survey further indicates that across 25 types of tablet applications there is no single dominant use of tablets by users. The typical user is more well-defined by their lack of uniformity as evidenced by the fact that they engage in a widely varied mix of five to six different application types in a given month. Only games top the 50 percent threshold for all tablet users – so it is obvious that each consumer is looking for a customized device that fits their personal needs on functionality in addition to size, price, power and connectivity. Whether reading an e-book, engaging on social networks, or allowing the kids to play games, the Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio has something for everyone.
    "In addition to providing consumers greater variety in terms of size, form factor, price points and experiences, the Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio will be widely available for purchase from a multitude of retail channels further reinforcing Samsung's commitment to delivering personal choice to all," said Travis Merrill, vice president of tablet marketing at Samsung Electronics America.
    Familiar Galaxy Experience
    The Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio blends the familiar Galaxy family feel in sleek and slim designs with compelling content and services that consumers will want to use in their everyday lives. Created to be the perfect companion to the Galaxy line of smartphones, the Galaxy Tab 3 devices give consumers a seamless transition of content and services between their various Galaxy products. Similar to the Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy smartphones, physical home and capacitive buttons are included.
    Home Entertainment Hub
    The Galaxy Tab 3 has various form factors and light-weight builds, which quickly and easily transition into the center of the home. Research shows that 85% of tablet users watch TV while using their tablet, with 41% of them doing this daily.** For this consumer, each Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio device's built-in IR blaster turns the tablets into a universal remote and can activate Samsung's innovative WatchONTM service. This service recommends TV shows and on-demand content, enabling the tablets to function as the hub of the living room and king of second screen consumption.
    Packed with Content
    This newest portfolio also makes discovering, accessing and sharing new content, including over 750,000 apps, from the Google Play and Samsung Apps stores even simpler. The Galaxy Tab 3 makes it convenient to stay connected on-the-go, balancing any number of tasks, such as emailing, managing your schedule, social networking, online shopping, reading, playing games and streaming content.
    In addition, each of the devices in the Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio will come with a bevy of content value through pre-loaded content and Galaxy Perks available at Our Gift to You. Specifically, hundreds of dollars' worth of content, including a $10 voucher for the purchase of applications, books, movies and music in Google Play; one year of free Boingo hotspot service; three months free Hulu Plus service; two years free DropBox Service with 50GB storage space; and more.
    The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is aimed at consumers who are in the market to purchase a portable tablet with all the features and reliability they need to stay connected throughout their daily activities. Built for portability, the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 allows users to consume and manage content on-the-go. It is compact enough to easily slide into handbags or a jacket pocket so that consumers on-the-go will appreciate its compact size and lightweight design.
    The premium Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 product is thin, lightweight, feature-packed and powerful, making it the ideal portable tablet for on-the-go performance. With Samsung's built-in Reading Mode, the Tab 3 8.0 is the perfect e-reader-sized tablet.
    New for the Galaxy Tab family of devices is Samsung's Multi-Window functionality. Following the popularity of the feature on Note devices, Multi-Window comes to the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. Offering true PC- like multi-tasking, consumers can use two apps side-by-side, with support up to 20 applications, including Polaris Office, Google Chrome and Facebook.
    The Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 offers a larger HD screen optimized for entertainment – watching movies and playing games. With Samsung's WatchON TV recommendation service, built-in IR blaster and 10.1-inch screen, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 is the new hub of the living room. As a second screen companion and perfect tablet for viewing content and watching movies, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 transforms the ultimate content-consumption device.
    The latest Galaxy Tab family is also SAFETM (Samsung for Enterprise), allowing users to work and play with confidence that their photos, emails and contacts are protected. The portfolio also includes expandable memory up to 64GB through a microSD card.
    This newest family comes in two color options – White and a unique Gold Brown. The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1 will be available for purchase from major retailers nationwide on July 7 with pre-sales beginning June 25 at Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile, Amazon, Wal-Mart, h.h. Gregg, Office Depot, Toys 'R' Us, P.C. Richard & Son, Fry's, Newegg, Sears and Samsung.com. The Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio will be priced at $199, $299 and $399, respectively.

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