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Chủ đề: MWC 2013: Lenovo giới thiệu 3 máy tính bảng A1000, A3000 và S6000

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    MWC 2013: Lenovo giới thiệu 3 máy tính bảng A1000, A3000 và S6000

    Triển lãm Mobile World Congress thường niên tại Barcelona, Tây Ban nha hàng năm là cơ hội để các hãng trình làng những thiết bị di động hàng đầu của mình. Đến với triển lãm này năm nay, hãng điện tử Lenovo bất ngờ giới thiệu ba chiếc tablet chạy Android đó là A1000, A3000 và S6000. Cả ba chiếc tablet trên đều chạy hệ điều hành Android JB mới nhất và 2 trong số 3 chiếc sử dụng bộ VXL lõi tứ, chiếc còn lại sử dụng VXL lõi kép của MediaTek với thiết kế gần như na ná với nhau. Được biết Lenovo sẽ bán rộng rãi toàn cầu cả ba chiếc tablet trên bắt đầu từ quý 2 năm nay, tuy nhiên vẫn chưa rõ mức giá của sản phẩm.

    Lenovo S6000 là chiếc máy cao cấp nhất, thiết bị có độ mỏng 8,6mm nặng 560 gram, phần cứng của máy gồm màn hình có kích thước 10 inch sử dụng tấm nền IPS độ phân giải 1.280 x 800p, bộ xử lý MediaTek 8389/8125 lõi tứ xung nhịp 1.2 Ghz, hỗ trợ kết nối tốc độ cao HSPA + và thỏi pin cho phép hoạt động liên tục 8 giờ liền. Trong khi đó thì phiên bản A3000 là chiếc thuộc phân khúc bình dân. Máy có độ dày lên đến 11mm với kích thước màn hình 7 inch nhưng độ phân giải thấp hơn S6000 và ở mức 1,024 x 600p, cũng chạyhệ điều hành Android JB, một VXL lõi tứ MediaTek xung nhịp 1.2 Ghz và cũng được trang bị kết nối HSPA +. Bộ nhớ trong 16 GB đi khe nhớ mở rộng lên đến 64 GB.

    Và cuối cùng là chiếc A1000 thiết bị có cấu hình thấp nhất trong 3 chiếc tablet trên, tương tự như A3000 thì A1000 cũng có màn hình 7 inch độ phân giải và không sử dụng tấm nền IPS. Máy chạy trên hệ điều hành Android JB và đi kèm VXL lõi kép MediaTek xung nhịp 1.2Ghz, trang bị công nghệ âm thanh vòm Dolby Digital Plus. Tương tự như A3000 bộ nhớ trong của máy là 16 GB.

    Tham khảo: Lenovo & Engadget

    Lenovo Announces New Android Tablets
    Series includes new functionality and various configurations, tailored for distinct customer segments

    BARCELONA – February 24, 2013: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today announced a line-up of new Android tablets, offering configurations and form factors to match consumer needs for both ultra-portable tablets and multimedia performers. The portfolio, which also boasts unique connectivity features, will be available starting in the second quarter 2013.

    The range starts with two new A-series tablets, seven-inch devices, designed for optimal mobility while still packing a performance punch. The A1000 is ideal for first-time tablet buyers and features enhanced audio, while the A3000 offers quad-core processing for speedy performance whether for gaming or web-browsing. Alongside these models, Lenovo also announced the new 10-inch S6000, which offers extended I/O options, a large, vibrant screen and a super-slim profile that looks sophisticated and elegant, whether the user is web-surfing in the coffee shop or enjoying movies and games at home.
    "Lenovo's latest Android tablet family is designed to meet the demands of a wide range of customers, particularly young, active users who are always on the go, and have adopted the seven-inch form factor as their own. With these latest additions to our tablet portfolio, we've created devices that address these customers' needs, as well as devices for more demanding gamers and multimedia users," said Chen Wenhui, vice president Lenovo and GM Mobile BU, "We believe that our Android family of tablets will appeal to customers across the world as we've built our products to be highly accessible and flexible to serve multiple needs and budgets."
    S6000, Mobile "Home Entertainment" Center

    As tablets have continued their march into the mainstream, increasing demands with regards to larger screen devices have raised the bar for tablet makers. Lenovo has responded with the S6000, a sleek and powerful option for customers looking for a device that switches seamlessly from entertainment to social media and beyond. Powered by the MTK 8389/8125 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, the S6000 shines as a multimedia and gaming tablet fronted by a 10.1-inch IPS 1280X800 display with a wide, 178-degree viewing angle, micro HDMI port and digital microphone. The S6000 also offers a number of additions to optimize its performance as a connectivity tool for social networkers including optional HSPA+ and a substantial battery that allows for more than 8 hours of continuous WiFi web browsing. Even with these specifications though, the S6000 does not lose track of style and convenience; it is all tied together in a super slim (8.6mm) and light (560g) frame that feels good and helps you look good.

    A3000, Full Performance in a Compact Package

    In today's connected world, devices must be mobile, without skimping on performance. The A3000 bristles with specifications typically found in a much larger device, all packed into a seven-inch form factor that is thin and light. Powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core, MTK processor, the A3000 optimizes the user experience for games, video, photo-sharing and web-browsing, offering seamlessly fluid navigation and highly responsive performance. The benefits of the seven-inch form factor are not ignored on the A3000 either. The tablet, which sports an IPS 1024x600 screen, weighs in at less than 340g and is only 11mm thick, but can still hold a wealth of content with an extensive memory, which can be extended to 64GB with the external micro-SD card. Optional 3G HSPA+ support ensures you stay connected when you're on the go with Lenovo's ultra-portable tablet.

    A1000, Pocket Studio with Dolby®
    The A1000 delivers an audio experience normally reserved for more expensive tablets in a seven- inch device. With Dolby Digital Plus integrated into the device and large, front-facing speakers that ensure the sound is directed at the users' ears rather than the floor, the A1000 is perfect for music lovers and those seeking a "pocket studio" for either music or movies. The A1000 runs Android Jelly Bean 4.1 on a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and has on-board storage of up to 16GB, extendable to 32GB with a micro-SD slot, so users can load content up and take it to the gym, the office or anywhere else they want to experience high-quality sights and sounds. It also comes in either black or white, allowing users to customize their Lenovo pocket studio to their lifestyle.

    Lenovo Mobile Access

    All the new Android tablets come with Lenovo Mobile Access, a unique service that allows users to connect instantly "out of the box". When customers first power up their Lenovo device, they will see an icon indicating Lenovo as their access provider. Without having to set up a special data plan, they can immediately start browsing web pages, accessing their email and sharing content with friends using HSPA+ 3G access or through WiFi according to their specific configuration. When the initial Lenovo Mobile Access service expires users will be prompted with the option to easily renew their plan or select an alternative service.

    Pricing and Availability
    The newest Android tablets will be available worldwide from Q2, 2013. Although pricing varies according to market, configuration and model, each tablet in the range is competitively priced to ensure maximum accessibility to a premium user experience for all customers.

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