Tools tinh chỉnh tăng tốc bộ xử lý với những kernel thích hợp đã tích hợp. Ứng dụng do diễn đàn XDA cung cấp.

Capable of overclock and underclock on a rooted Motorola Droid, Nexus One, G1, G2, Samsung Galaxy S, myTouch 4G, Motorola Xoom, or one of many other devices to improve performance or save battery.
SetCPU also allows you to set up profiles to change the CPU speed under certain conditions, such as when the phone is asleep or charging, when the battery level drops below a certain point, or when the phone’s temperature is too high. See the screenshots for examples of how you might set up profiles.
SetCPU’s wide feature set make it useful to beginners and enthusiasts alike. Accelerate your processor to unleash your phone’s multitasking potential, or dial your CPU’s speed down to save battery.
Have an HTC Sense device with a stock ROM or kernel? If you are having trouble getting your settings to “stick,” press Menu > Disable Perflock. You still have to be rooted.
Galaxy S devices: conservative scaling is recommended (ondemand on the Nexus S). There are issues with Galaxy S kernels that may result in crashes if some other scaling governors are used, or if the sleep profile “max” value is set too low.
What’s in this version:
-Revamped Info tab UI
-In portrait, clicking on an item in the info tab will launch information on that category and pressing back will return to the menu.
-In Landscape, the content and the menu are split into two columns. Benchmarks are at the bottom.
-Added a chart for Time In State readings.
-Widget reliability fixes and optimizations.
-The main screen now indicates which kind of profile is currently active with an icon.
-Misc bugfixes and optimized performance
Link: SetCPUforRootUsersv214-Market-Militia-.apk
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