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1. Please delete /sdcard/iReader/cover/.* files manually. these are old cover pictures created by iReader.
2. If you install failed, please backup you data and uninstall old version first and re-install again. What’s New:
1.Supports EPUB;
2.Reducing installation package volume;
3.Added books batch import function;
4.Book`s cover& animation can be used as your demands;
5.Books with cover, can be displayed as the default cover;
6.Added menu item to read style;
7.Optimize the root directory for the system to the home directory;
8.Merge download manager to the bookshelf;
9.By removing the books can also delete the sources files;
10.Connection through format;
Link: com.chaozh.iReaderFree.v1.2.0.0.apk
Pass download: droidviet.com

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