Better Terminal Emulator Pro v3.39 Android: chương trình cho phép sử dụng dòng lệnh trên điện thoại Android 1.6 đến 2.3.

Unleash the command line potential of the Android console with this terminal. Best if rooted, but root not required. Run native Linux apps with Better Terminal Emulator Pro. Excellent soft keyboard and Sywpe support, send all VT-220 character codes including F1-F20. Includes SSH/Telnet client, BusyBox, BASH Shell.
Now supports Tegra2-based tablets such as the Viewsonic gTablet and the Motorola Xoom!
Works great with the Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard for Xoom. I am working on better Honeycomb support for the tablet form factor as well as HDMI out on the Xoom.
What’s in this version:
Remove GPS permission. All permissions BTEP requests are so that you can access things like /sdcard from the command line without having to be rooted.
Fix intermittent crash on some devices.
Add support for USB Keyboard on gTablet running CM7.
Add support for Samsung Tablet 10.1 (P3)



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