Bạn đi ngũ không muốn ai làm phiền thì chỉ việc bật ứng dụng Profile Call Blocker v1.11 lên và add số người đó vào là ok.

Built based on the most popular call blocking app (Extreme Call Blocker Droid), this app provides a completely new way of call/sms blocking or filtering. It is simple to configure and straight forward to use. We have excellent user support records and no question will be ignored.
* Configuration guide provides easy start up instructions.
* Each profile lets you decide when to block, at any time or base on calendar schedule.
* Each profile also lets you decide how to block SMS (SMS only for now, MMS is being worked on), erase it , or save it, or hide it; This app contains a built-in hidden SMS mail box.
* Each profile also lets you decide how to block calls, send to voice mail or hangup on calls; whether to block all numbers, or block PRIVATE or UNKNOWN numbers, or block any number that is not in your contact book.
* Each profile contains its own number list.
* Support white (don’t block) list configuration.
* Support blocking scheduling on most popular calendars, Google, Exchange, Moxier and Roadsync.
* Support auto sms response to blocked sms or calls.
* Support wildcard matching on blocked numbers and Calendar keywords.
* Support auto erase blocked numbers from phone’s call log.
* All blocking events are saved in the history log.
* Support backup and restore all data to/from SD card.
Enhancements added to V1.11:
1. Added the blocking option “except calendar schedule”, enable users to only allow calls during calendar event schedule.
2. Added extra profile option “white list”, to allow white list numbers to pass through, and pass non-white list numbers to next profile.
3. Added option to set the blocking service to foreground, so that it won’t be killed by mistake.
Link: 111p.apk
Pass download: droidviet.com

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