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Chủ đề: Nhắn tin với GO SMS Pro v3.10 (+ All Pro Themes, Emoji, Language Packs)

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    Nhắn tin với GO SMS Pro v3.20 (+ All Pro Themes, Emoji, Language Packs)

    GO SMS Pro v3.20: chương trình thay thế đẹp cho chương trình nhắn tin mặc định của Android đây. Chỉ hỗ trợ cho Android 1.6 trở lên.

    V3.20 Update (2011-4-11)
    1. Introduce Running Mode to let you select running features set.There are Lite mode(run fastest), Normal mode(run as regular GO SMS), Pro mode(include full features),User-defined mode. Can be changed in “Application Settings—Running mode settings”
    2. Optimize performance
    3. Add options to define displayed tab after press the paperclip button in compose UI (Settings—Appearance Settings—Conversation other settings)
    4. Update MustKnow Tips
    5. Fix some other little bugs
    + GO SMS Pro v3.20
    + All Pro Language Packs: English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.
    + Pro Emoji Plug-in v1.1
    + Themes: Default, DIY, IPhone, GO, Dark, Christmas, 2011 Red, 2011 Orange, 2011 Night, Spring Festival, Valentine’s Day, Simple Paper, Simple Stripe, Simple Blue, Valentine Love, and Spring theme.
    Pro Features:
    + Emoji support
    + Folders list support, there are Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts folders, and you may create folders, encrypt folders, and copy your important message to folder.
    + GESTURE support, you may switch “Messages” and “Folders” view by left/right slip GESTURE(Settings-Appearance Settings-Transition Settings-Switcher settings)
    + DIY theme support,after select DIY theme in “theme selection”, you may change the wallpaper for DIY theme by “Settings->Appearance settings->Inbox customization->change wallpaper”
    + Multiple languages support by independent language packs (“Settings—Application settings—Language selection”)
    + Supports chat style and list style
    + Many cool, special themes (Setting-Appearance Settings-Theme selection)
    + Popup, quick reply
    + Full MMS/SMS support
    + Stock SMS can be removed
    + 1×1 icon widget with message count and 4×2 medium widget
    + Fully customizable look
    + Support for multiple user defined settings
    + SMS backup and restore by all or selected conversations. Supports XML format. Send backup file by email
    + Settings backup and restore
    + Security lock
    + Blacklist
    + Animation effect in title or conversation list
    + Customize by individual contacts (Notification, Signature and Conversation)
    + Customize individual ringtones
    + Batch modes (add contacts, delete conversations/messages and backups)
    + Split large messages for CDMA
    + Time offset adjustment
    + Avoid disordered messages: sort by time or by order of messages sent/received
    + Quick text
    + Night mode
    + Messages grouping (Group mode or Separate mode)
    + Reminder notification function
    + Privacy mode (on notification bar and popup window)
    + Handy, build-in Contacts. Quick find: by letter, name, keyword. Support phone group, Google group and GO SMS group
    + Facebook photo support
    + Group texting
    Link: GSP320.zip
    Pass download: droidviet.com

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    Lần sửa cuối bởi Ben; 12-04-11 lúc 12:44 PM

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    Ben đang ẩn
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    Mới bổ sung phiên bản mới 3.20 nhé !

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    e bị tình trạng bên kia gửi 1 tin nhắn mà e nhận được 2 tin nhắn mà 2 tin nhắn đó vào 2 giờ khác nhau mới ghê

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