Smart App Protector(app lock+) v2.9: cho phép bạn khóa một vài ứng dụng không muốn người khác dùng tới. *** APP chẵn hạng

- If you register this app in practice prevention list, can use it by password.(ex. gallery, message app, call history app, and so on)(app lock)
·During use a app, does a screen fade out repeatedly?
- Register the app that you want not to fade out to the list of screen fade out prevention.
·A screen is changed widthwise again and again so, are you inconvenient?
- Register that app to the list of auto screen turn prevention
* Feature
1) App password(or pattern)lock
2) Prevent auto screen fade out(need to register)
3) prevent auto screen turn(need to register)
* Other
- pattern lock
- locking delay setting
- lock screen setting(background and more)
- app-lock time setting
- easy lock-activation by widget & notification bar
* pro version
- ads free
- no app registration limited
What’s in this version:
· adding a feature that set lock screen(preview background and more)
· forced close bug fix
· modifying lock background issue
· optimizing ram usage
· adding menu that send password to email
· add the option to install hidden version of the icon
· minor update & bug fix
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