Remote Desktop 1.9.0 : ứng dụng cho phép điện thoại Android remote đến các máy tính sử dụng hệ điều hành Windows.

Tính năng:

  • SSL(TLS) security and support for Network Level Authentication (NLA)
  • 8, 16, 24 bit color support
  • Server address book
  • Secure password store
  • RDP data compression and caching to save bandwidth
  • On-screen keyboard for keys missing on the device (functional keys, etc.)
  • RDP performance tuning for network connection speed
  • Sound redirection to client
  • SD card redirection
  • Copy/paste text between client and server
  • Display zoom in/zoom out
  • Pinch-to-zoom (available on the devices with multi-touch functionality)