Launcher 7: dành cho bạn nào thích giao diện Metro của hệ điều hành Windows Phone 7 đây. Máy Android 2.1 trở lên mới sài được giao diện này nhé.

Unlike other current WP7 launchers (Windows Phone Android, Metro UI), this one allows you to properly modify your start screen. Just long press on a tile and drag tile where you want!

- Ad-free
- 1x1, 2x1 and 1x2 tiles.
- tile bitmaps can cover the whole tile
- widgets on tiles
- tile reordering
- live contacts tile

- configurable animation parameters (soon)
- clock tile of sorts
- more animated tiles
- facebook integration

What's in this version:
-jumpchars added to application list
-tile alignment configuration option added to animation options
-.92: seems that Idea 10.5 didn't compile all classes against the new resource file causing weird crash, recompiled all and now things should be in sync.
-.93: jumpchars should't multiply now if app names have lower case characters
Link: Launcher7Donatev10093.apk

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