Ứng dụng hỗ trợ Android 1.5 trở lên giúp chỉnh sửa icon và dock mặt định của ứng dụng LauncherPro.

All of the icons match the original LauncherPro style. The icons can be used out of the box with the following applications:
* ADW and ADW EX
* Open Home
* GO Launcher EX
* LauncherPro
If you also install Desktop VisualizeR or BetterCut, the icons will work with:
* Zeam
* HTC SenseUI
* Android 2.3 Launcher
* Launch-X
* Any other launcher
The docks can only be used with LauncherPro, ADW EX, and GO Launcher EX because they are the only home screen replacement apps that support changing the dock background.
Note that this is not strictly a theme or skin. You can apply the icons however you choose, and however your launcher allows them to be used. This is the closest thing available to a custom LauncherPro theme.
Search through the icons by typing and have it filtered instantly.
Over 900 icons in 120 styles and 300 docks and growing!
Please email me with problems before leaving a negative comment. I do not watch the comments for error reports because it is not possible for me to respond, or for you to give me enough information to help. For refunds after Google’s 15 minute automatic refund window, go to bit.ly/lpirefund and fill out the form.
To get started, press the Help button.
Suggest new icons at bit.ly/lpicons.
Some of the artwork in this app is free to download at bit.ly/lpicons. This app provides a faster way to download icons/docks, as well as styles that are not available on the web.
Completely rebuilt
Fixed every force close issue that has been reported
Added Image picker mode (makes the app work like the Gallery when choosing icons and docks)
Fixed search for Swype style keyboards
Search is now full text
Added search for docks and styles too
Much faster
Much more stable
Some style sets have been rebuilt using better techniques for prettier icons.
Link: 40cli.apk
Pass download: droidviet.com

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