Bản full giao diện Regina 3D Launcher v0.9.15 dành cho điện thoại Android 2.1 trở lên đây.

+ Regina Weather Server – Regina Weather Server is the service that is getting weather datas from “Yahoo! weather” as part of the Regina Launcher.
+ Regina Weather – Regina Weather is used to select cities of the ReginaClock widget which is in the Regina Launcher
+ Regina Default Theme – This a theme package(Wallpaper) for Regina Launcher.
+ Regina ToDo – Regina ToDo is a simple to-do task management tool as part of the Regina Launcher. Regina 3D Launcher has exciting and dynamic 3D effects for your pleasure.
Browsing workspaces, creating shortcuts, and removing widgets have gotten a little bit more fun.
And that’s not all, we have more great features that you might be interested.
Now experience the excitement and fun you can have with all the cool features in Regina.
Video demo of Regina Launcher can be found on YouTube.
YouTube - Regina 3D Launcher
* Highlighted Features
- Intuitive 3D workspace browser
- Separate wallpaper for each workspace
- Secret workspaces where you can hide some of your app shortcuts and widgets for your privacy
- Regina widgets (full 3D widgets)
- All widgets and shortcuts can be positioned freely without much restrction in workspaces
- Uninstall apps from workspace directly
- Pleasant visual effects
* Notes
- First of all, select “Version x.x.x” item in Regina Settings menu and update all app in list.
- Supports Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and tested on Galaxy Tab too.
- Live Wallpaper is not supported because of performance issue.
- Because Regina 3D Launcher is pure 3D graphics, your device must have a decent graphics chip to gain usable performance.
Link: R3DLauncherFULL.zip
Pass download: droidviet.com

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