Iron Wars HD v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: A gorgeous 3D shooter featuring domination, CTF & a variety of levels & weapons

Get ready for a 3D battle like no other! Our best selling game is now free!

Iron Wars

A 3D shooter that supports simultaneous multiplayer game on any of the following devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS, Windows.

Your goal is to survive in labyrinths full of aggressive armed balls. The game is perfect for those who like shoot-and-run games. You will love the simplicity of the game and catch on to the levels and action very quickly.


+ 30+ levels in campaign mode!
+ 9 different maps
+ 3 game modes (death match, team death match, domination)
+ local multiplayer via Wi-Fi ( including interconnection with iPhone/ iPad / Mac / Windows version )!
+ full range of weapons - from pistol and shotgun to plasma gun and rocket launcher!
+ smart bots! The enemies in Iron Wars are very smart, and will come looking for you.


You can use the directional pad to control movement. Pressing the RIGHT red button will fire your chosen weapon. Select new weapons you collect along the way, by swiping your finger on the bottom right hand side of the screen, below the firing button. Keep your ammunition stocked by gathering the appropriate colored ammo boxes along the way.

Remember to gather shield strength as you travel, so you can take more damage in battle.

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