Pigeon Palooza TM v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: If you really want to see a bird with an attitude – You have found the right place!!!

He is one teed off Pigeon and its payback time!
In the game Pigeon Palooza™, you are Pauley the Pigeon. And your mission, should you choose to accept, is to rain down your “load” on as many people and cars as possible to clear all the levels in the game and claim supreme over the humans who have dissed you for far too long!!!

The game currently has 2 Adventures – Civilians and Cars.
Each Adventure has 3 chapters with 5 levels each. The breakdown is as follows:

Civilian Adventure :
- Chapter – Pigeon Home Front – Pauley’s home base – a City Street with 5 levels of Pauley’s slick-city slang!!
- Chapter – A Walk in the Park – Pauley’s favorite – Unsuspecting park goers not expecting a surprise from above!!!
- Chapter – Pigeon in the Burbs – Just because he is not in the Big City, does not mean Pauley can’t wreak havoc!!

Car Adventure :
- Its Flush Hour time as Pauley uses the busy roads as his personal toilet!!
- Flyway or the Highway – Even the Interstate Highways can’t escape Pauley’s “reign”
- Country Roads – Pauley makes sure our Country Brothers don’t escape his “home cookin”!!!
- See if you can clear all 30 levels before Pauley heads out on Pauley’s Pigeon Palooza™ World Tour in early 2013!!!
- That’s right; Pauley is hittin’ the road to share his thoughts with the rest of the civilized world!!!

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