Inertia: Escape Velocity v1.2
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: Control gravity to leap, hover, bounce, float, and zoom past deadly obstacles.

Gravity is Going Down! You are Hermes, a high-tech scavenger who can turn his personal gravity on and off at will. Utilize your power to control Inertia to leap, hover, bounce, float, and zoom through intriguing challenges and deadly obstacles in this beautiful 3D platform game.
- AWARD-WINNING GAMEPLAY. Inertia: Escape Velocity builds on the award-winning gameplay that won Best Non-Professional Game, Achievement in Gameplay, Technical Achievement, and Gamers’ Choice Awards at DICE’s Indie Game Challenge 2011.
- DEFY PHYSICS! Manipulate gravity at will to float through levels, bounce off of walls, and negotiate challenges such as attractors, repulsors, accelerators, launchers, force fields, and more.
- HD. The special HD version features incredible high-resolution graphics that take full advantage of your tablet’s display.
- EXPLORE. Investigate derelict space stations and junkyard planets to collect scrap and gain access to new levels.
- HOURS OF GAMEPLAY. Over 35 levels of gravity-warping fun!
- REPLAYABILITY. Win badges for speed runs and completion, collect scrap to unlock advanced levels.
- OPENFEINT. Integrated with OpenFeint for a great social gaming experience, complete with Achievements and Leaderboards.

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