Dead on Arrival v1.5
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Fast paced action survival shooter. Survive against massive waves of the undead!

Two days ago a bomb went off in central park. Fatalities were few but hundreds more were injured in the blast. They got them to the hospital some how... but it wasn’t long before all of the injured had suddenly died as well. The doctors said it was some kind of ‘mass cardiac arrest.’ If that was true they wouldn’t have boarded up the windows and barricaded the doors. No one’s heard anything from inside for 12 hours now, and what we heard then wasn’t good...”

With an armoury of deadly weapons at your disposal you must fight to survive against an endless horde of zombies hungry for one thing: You!

You’ve gotten into the hospital, but all the other rooms are locked. Your only chance for survival is to kill for cash, letting you unlock additional rooms or purchase more powerful weapons in your endless fight against the undead. Board up the doors, run fast, shoot to kill and maybe you might see tomorrow after all!

- Fast paced action survival shooter
- Survive against massive waves of the undead!
- Purchase loads of different weapons to defend yourself from the horde
- Buy yourself some time by boarding up doors to keep the undead at bay
- Unlock rooms to make space and find different weapons to finish the fight
- Search for the “random box” and destroy your enemies with the most powerful guns!
- Massive hospital level to explore and defend all by your lonesome
- Tutorial level to help you get to grips with the gameplay
- Full 3D action and gory effects in high detailed graphics

What's in this version:

All weapons now have an instant one off Z-Buck purchase option from walls if they are locked.
Vending Machines Introduced
Trade in Z-Bucks for cash
Trade in Z-Buck for Quick Repair
Trade in Z-Buck for Run Faster
Trade in Z-Buck for Armour
Traps Introduced
The Zapper
Flame Wall
The Masher
Defence Turret
* Electricity needs to be turned on for Traps to become powered up
Random Box now costs 1 Z-Buck to use

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