Weapon Chicken v1.03
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: In the game, you play as a heavily armed chicken. The only task is advancing with courage through three wonderful worlds where variety kinds of monster will appear. The deeper you advance, the more dangerous monsters will be. Are you afraid now?

Don't worry. Meanwhile the chicken could refuel the supplies and even more improve the power of bullets.

The Game is 3D and well designed. However, it's totally free fully with our hope that you guys enjoying playing it.

This high quality game only exists in Android Market. Come and join the game and enjoy fun.

Game Features:

1. Slide the left stick to move around,
2. Slide the right stick to shoot monsters.

Always pay attention to all kinds of supplies including:
1) All kinds of bullet packages
2) Medical kits
3) Transform into tank firing horrible bullet.

1) Try your best to fight through all the levels in three amazing worlds
2) Collect as much gold as you can
3) Improve your global rating.


With the gold acquired in the game, arm your chick to be a stronger solider in the Weapon Shop.
Discuss the game with your friends in Papaya social circles and improve your relationship with friends at any time.

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Download WeaponChickenv1.03.apk for free on Filesonic.com

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