Untangle Space Out v1.9.3
Requirements: Android 2.1 +
Overview: Ultimate untangle puzzle experience with 10 levels and infinite game play! FREE!

- The makers of the top ranked 'Slot Machine' present "Untangle Space Out" - an extremely competitive untangle game for the whole family.

Untangle Space Out is a galactic themed puzzle with multi-level challenge and arcade modes, surprise bonus rounds and online daily/all-time leader boards. Move orbs around to untangle overlapping neon rays to solve the puzzle.

Here's what some of our early reviewers have to say about the game...
- "Good puzzle game that offers a brain teasing challenge!" - Android Tapp.com
- "Difficult and challenging! Just have to play around a little with it to get a hang of it. It's got great relaxing music!" - The Android App Show
- "Sleek user interface with some chilled out space-age ambient background music. Highly polished graphics with tranquilizing background music and futuristic sounds. Really impressive for a puzzle game." - Android Rundown

More varied & challenging than The Plateau, Tangled and other untangle games. Space Out is the final frontier and this is your test! Are you ready?


- Two Fantastic Game Modes:
- Challenge: 50 games spread over 10 levels of mind-twisting puzzles. Better your high score by replaying unlocked levels
- Arcade: Infinite number of puzzles to keep you hooked! Every puzzle is unique and you can play on and on to your heart's content
- Orb variations for enhanced game play [COMING SOON]
- Blaster Orbs: If left uncapped they explode causing major disruption to your game! Or just let it explode and enjoy the resultant fun!
- Frozen Orbs: Orbs randomly freeze up preventing you from finishing off the game within time. So be quick to unfreeze them and get additional 'unfreeze bonus'
- Bonus Rounds: Surprise bonus rounds to maximize your scores
- Leader board: Online global and regional high scores tracked daily, weekly and monthly
- Personal High Scores: Intuitive in-game stats showing your best time and moves. Better your high scores by replaying unlocked levels!
- Tangled up? Learn how to solve the puzzle by viewing the solution
- Comprehensive Help
- Practice Mode: Learn the ropes before you dive in!
- Mesmerizing intuitive graphics
- Multiple background scores to suit your mood. You can play your own music as well.

**Now watch Space Out on You Tube**
Untangle Space Out - YouTube

COMING SOON - Enhanced game play with infinite variations via 'Blaster' and 'Frozen' orbs.

So, go ahead, download and revel in the challenge of Untangle Space Out.

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Download apostek.untangle.apk for free on Filesonic.com


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