Tower Hero Free v2.1.1
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Tower Hero Free -Cool Fun Game is a new type of casual games.It's very addictive

Tower Hero Free -Cool Fun Game is a new type of casual game which is playable on both iPhone and Android OS and one of the best tower games.

The goal of this game is to reach the top of the tower.
You should take special caution not to run out of time.
Just place and climb up the ladder accurately and correctly.

To place the ladder accurately, you must be wise.
The floor is colored with maximum of 3 colors and they have holes that you have to jump over.
To place a ladder, the color of bottom ladder have to match with the color of the floor you are standing.
This game rule is just like bejeweled blitz.

You can place a ladder under above circumstance.
But this rule is more complicated than the other games or apps.
If the color of top ladder and the color of next floor did not match, remaining time gets reduced.
In addition, if you climb the incorrect ladder, floor gets fragile.

When you fall down on the fragile floor, the fragile floor brakes and takes you down to the floor below.
If the fragile floor breaks, your remaining decreases.

On the other hand, if the color of top ladder and the color of next floor matches, you gain extra time and score.
Placing right ladder consecutively, you get combo.
After 10 combos, you are in special mode and you can put ladders wherever you want for 10 seconds.
When you are in the special mode, the color of ladders do not have to match with the color of floor.

Doodle graphics like cartoons and funny music can excite you!!
Surely you feel great when you fix the fragile floor.
This feeling is very addicting.

As you can see, Tower Hero is a casual game which contains Brain using, Puzzle, Arcade & Action factors.

How to play
A button: place ladder
-when holding the paint can:
single tap:put down the paint can
double tap:paint the floor
B button:Jump

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