TAP SONIC v1.1.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Sliding pleasure! Let the music drift! Powerhouse rhythm action, Neowiz Internet TAP SONIC ~!!

[Support Equipment] Galaxy S / Galaxy S2 / Galaxy TAB / VEGA X / Optimus 2x / Nexus S
[Support Environment] Android 2.2 or later (2.3 or higher recommended)
* Rutingpon, low-end models and new models may not work properly.
* Android and iOS certification of the equipment does not work together.

[Instructions for Use]
- 'Free' free play unlimited number of songs marked with are available.
- TAP SONIC online (WiFi/3G) is available from the state.
- Free / Paid Music updates, regardless of the APP will be added from time to time.
- To set the game options and enjoy a variety of ways.
- Single Games 10 When you play a song 4 Line 5 Line is open.
- 5 Line 6 Line When you play 30 times ohpeunhu is open.
- Pay To Play Music Music Point marked are required.
Premium tickets to play the songs without losing the point.
- The song select screen and premium tickets can be purchased at SHOP.
- PREMIUM marked with songs you can buy premium tickets.
- You missed a note all the energy drops, the game is over.
- Music Point, you can enjoy all the songs freely.
- Twitter, Facebook, work, get my skills show off to your friends.
- Play a song in a single game you can enjoy non-stop at.
- Song of the lock can be opened with a challenge.
- If you clear your notes without missing a PERFECT PLAY ~!

- Depending on skills options (SPEED / RANDOM / FADE) set
Star points bonus / eneojieop used items
- 4/5/6 lines of three difficulty Line
- For each line BASIC / PRO / LEGEND Level
- Mix play three songs NON-STOP mode to

Girls - The Boys / Genie / Come on!
Yui (After School) - ssokssokssok
A pink (A. PINK) - I do not know.
Mozart - The Magic Flute of the 'Queen of the Night's aria'
Orange Caramel - Bangkok City
How the end of the inside - of BEAST
Itaewon Freedom - UV
Wheesung - story chest ache
Big Bang (Bigbang) - Tonight / day
Tiara - Bo peep Bo peep
SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
LPG - Angry (angry)
Clazziquai - she is ..
Koyote - Blue
Kara (Kara) - Jumping (Jumping)
Jaurim - Magic Carpet Ride
Cypress (Psy) - Right Now
Son Dam Bi - Queen
Super Junior - SORRY, SORRY
Eneseu Gray - hapil
GNP - the prince of the sea
Ssang - Rush (feat. scheduled to).
Rainbow (Rainbow) - A
Rumble Fish (Rumble Fish) - eurachacha
DJ DOC - DOC and dance
DJ DOC - Run to you
Brain (No Brain) - You have a crush on me.
Yolanda Be Cool & DCup - We No Speak Americano
M2U - nightmare
xeon - thor
WavFactory - Piano Concerto No. 1
Ruby Tuesday - Your Own Miracle
P'sycho-Remi - The Guilty (Tap Mix)
Planetboom - SuperSonic
Oriental ST8 - Dear my lady
NieN-Trip (Tap Mix)
ND Lee-Lover
Lin-G-I Want You
First-Aid - D2
Forte Escape - the wind could ask
7 Sequence-Dual Strikers
250 more such yeogok

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