Ancient Tribe v1.4
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Ancient Tribe is a very interesting strategy-based role-playing game. Transfer from the iPhone platform game that combines elements of real-time strategy and develop. Players will play ancient tribal gods, led by tribal hunting, mining resources, and then use these resources to flourish tribal population, upgrade technology and equipment, the ultimate goal is to make these primitive construction of a miracle for the players.

Game includes 9 different primitive warrior, more than 10 of the horse, the role of five different divine. You can train and recruit soldiers with the operations of different skills to capture various types of horse, strategic use of different divine quick combat, kill beasts, and collect as many resources.

Game Features:

- Easy to learn strategy game
- Multi-touch operation
- 9 different types of primitive warrior
- 10 more than the horse
- 5 different role of divine
- A lot of wild monster
- With special abilities Boss
- Excellent graphics and sounds

v1.4 update:

- For the balance of the game have been adjusted
- Repair the first 11 maps can not enter the problem

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