Man Vs Toilet v1.2
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Unclog the toilet as fast as you can!

The call of nature has often yielded the most unforgiving result - a clogged toilet. And in what could be the greatest challenges know to the everyday man, unclogging this dilemma can often be equated to slaying a dragon. Now you, too, can feel this pressurized situation. Armed with a trusty plunger, you must clear your excretion's porcelain passage at the fastest time possible!
- Simple mechanics - shake constantly to release the water pressure at the top of the water level indicator!
- Frenetic feel - Musical urgency and sounds make for a frantic game play every single time!
- The best of the best - shake and unclog the toilet the fastest and see your timer score at the top of the local and global rankings!

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