Twisted Lands: Shadow Town v1.3
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Hidden object horror at its best!

No matter how brave you are,it won't be enough

Welcome to Shadow Town. There are beaches, but you should not go near the water. There are woods, but those who enter them never return. And there's a village, but all it has to offer are empty streets and fog that hangs in the air like a curse. The only thing you can explore in this place is the source of the terror that will grip your heart.
Mark and Angel didn't mean to come here. But something caused their small boat to crash on the island; something dragged Angel into the darkness; and something is drawing Mark to a shocking truth as he looks for his wife. Will you be his guiding hand as he explores spine-chilling locations for hidden objects? Will you stand by his side as he confronts terrifying creatures? Will you be his muse as he solves mind-bending puzzles? Play Twisted Lands: Shadow Town and prove you have what it takes to survive.

+ 80 locations
+ 11 hidden object scenes
+ Hints and tips
+ Atmospheric audio
+ Bloodcurdling visuals

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