RoboFonics v1.3
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Cute, fun-loving robots are working hard at the Fonic Factory. Join the assembly line, listen to the beat, and tap the robots to the right rhythm! Work the robots hard but don't overload them. Let the flow of music brighten your day. Avoid killjoy boss MasterBotrix and help start a robo-revolution!

LudoCraft is proud to publish the first game that really challenges you to listen to and follow the rhythm of music. Help robots complete their job! Each robot has its own special character-pick your favorite!

Features :

* Combines a visually enchanting rhythm game with puzzle solving
* Use rhythm and melody to solve puzzles
* A non-violent experience that's easy to pick up
* Robots!
* A catchy, casual atmosphere
* 80 levels, a fun storyline, and two game modes, 'tap' and 'puzzle'
* A carefully designed soundscape for constant fun
* Challenges you to listen and react to the rhythm with care and expert timing
* Numerous cute, unique robots
* Tunes that stick in your head
* The first game that actually makes you listen to the rhythm!
* Did we mention ROBOTS?
* Based on the award-winning PC Mod (first seen in MSUC at SIGGRAPH 2009)

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Download RoboFonics_v1.3.apk for free on

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