Good Robot Bad Robot v1.0.2
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Join the robotic frenzy as you try to fix the bad robots. 3D real time action

Join the robotic frenzy as you try to fix the bad robots. 3D real time action
Dr. Robotov's robotic creations live in his house, happily helping with the household chores. Until one night, Dr. Robotov's evil rival inventor infected the robotic grid with a virus that rendered all the good robots bad. The only robot which was saved from this fate was Benny, the good inventor's assistant, who did not connect to the grid that night as he was fixing some broken bots in the garage.
It is now up to Benny to fix his friends, make them good again and find out what happened to Dr. Robotov.
You will play Benny as he tries to mend all his friends using his trusted zapper while trying to avoid getting infected.
Good Robot Bad Robot is a feel good nonviolent action game where instead of killing and destroying, Benny is fixing and helping his troubled buddies. When a bad robot is turned good it cooperates in fixing the others.
During your stay at Dr. Robotov's house you will encounter unique and exciting challenges everywhere. At the heart of the adventure are the robots. Every one of them has its own unique personality and appearance. Experience the artistically engaging environment as you advance through the house.
Good Robot Bad Robot is currently in public beta. We decided to offer it free of charge, hoping to learn more about the game from the community.
To kick things off we included the first chapter called Garage Mayhem which contains 15 levels and 4 different robots. The level boss will appear in the next content update.
The game engine renders the 3D environment in real time with dynamic shadows, particle effects and physics. It was designed to work well on devices similar to Samsung Galaxy S and works excellently on Samsung Galaxy S2 and the like.
1. Move the character using the direction pad on the left side of the screen.
2. Charge up your zapper by collecting the blue lightning bolts
3. Get within zapping range of a bad robot (that's when a blue gear wheel appears below the target)
4. Fire by pressing the red button on the right
5. Collect Golden Gears to increase your level score
** Requirements: OpenGL ES 2.0 support; Android OS version 2.2 and up.
** To boost performance at the cost of visual quality, remove the dynamic shadows by clicking the Shadow button under Settings (the Gears button) from either the home page or the Pause window in the game.
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1. Bugs
2. Incompatible devices
3. Performance issues
4. Missing features
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