Toy Village v1.0.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+

A tornado has struck Smalltown and all of the Toys in the local Toyshop were swept away in the storm. It is up to you to help Patch build a new village so that all the lost Toys can find a new place to call their home.
The more Toys that live in your Toy Village the more buildings, Farms and Shops you can place... It's time to get started rebuilding with Patch!
CUTE & COLORFUL TOYS! Help the toys grow crops of play food to feed the growing community.
EARN OODLES OF BOODLE for completing quests and expanding your Village.
UNLOCK NEW TOYS that find their way to your village!
POPULATE YOUR VILLAGE with dozens of unique homes, shops, and decorations!
VISIT & GIFT YOUR FRIENDS VILLAGES! You might even want to borrow your friend's toys to help you in your village!

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TOY VILLAGE - Android app on AppBrain
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Download Toy_Village_1.0.0.apk for free on

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