Magical Cannon Girls vF2011.11.10
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview:This is an aerial shooting game, the game made into a cartoon form of subject matter, and the past is very different to those aircraft, this is relatively more abundant good, vertical scrolling shooter, combining elements of classical magical girl character and stories.

Leave a clear exhilaration legend.

Game Features:

- Vertical scrolling shooter orthodox type.
- Cute characters have magical girl.
- Beauty drawings.
- Scenes and dialogue between characters, the story plot
- The magic elements of enemy attacks
- The configuration of each stage, the magic of space.
- A powerful magic attack.
- Four difficulty levels
- Touch screen operation.
- The crisp sound of shooting

vF2011.11.10 updates:

- Fixed the problem starts when the signal is weak;
- In the MENU button to add a menu.

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Download MagicalCannonGirls.apk for free on

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