Goblin Invasion v1.1.3344
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Now tower defense fans have their own social game.

It's HD Tower Defense game in Android. (See Screenshot) Note: 800*480 or above resolution.
15 fantasy world of adventure;
5 different defense towers;
4 gems that increase defense towers' distinct attack effect;
Over 10 heroes can impact the entire war;
Over 2 months' happy time;
Spend your spare time on protecting human kingdom, enjoying the pleasure when you destroy enemies, seeing your perfect defense.
Invite friends to join the game, which brings you more resources.
This game's social platform is OpenFeint. You need to register or use OpenFeint account. (Login dialog will auto-pop up at the first time)
Before starting each stage, the system will auto-download map data. It's better to use 3G or Wifi.
Please feel free to contact us on any issue by gmobilesoft@163.com.
All suggestions are welcome. If your suggestions are helpful for the game, we'll name new heroes after your nickname provided that you agree with it.
Basic configuration:
CPU: 550MHZ or above
RAM: 382M or above
SD Card: 10M or above
Resolution: 800*480 or above
Recommended configuration:
RAM: 512MB
Resolution: 800*480

v1.1.3344 updates:

Campaign mode

- Increase the number of rare items, these items can not be bought in stores;
- Trading system, which you can freely traded in the trading market items, rare, cheap, in here;
- Modified the castle of the purpose of UI
- All points are open, you can see them above the world map;

Challenge mode

- Added two kinds of operational Fire Dragon and the soul of light towers, one of the challenges in the optional use of high play essential;
- Now the perfect multi-wave end of the approval required before release of the defense;
- Added option-wave mechanism, you can level began to challenge the choice, but the first battle to be the perfect defense to count results;
- Automatic archiving, challenges or unexpected pop-up exit process, the system will automatically save you, no pain hook;
- Big game map updates, the original six challenge maps will be abandoned, the new map new tactical challenges.

Monsters and heroes

- Added for some monsters: the spread of resistance, and rescue skills;
- Add new strange: cage (medium), Goblin giant slaves (Heavy)
- Some heroes are greatly enhanced, and the hero now also affect the shape of towers or attack effects;
- Add two heroes, one can make Gelin Ta completely changed, and the other players need to savor;
- In order to balance the economy, big gamblers will be canceled, but has purchased a big gambler players will be able to continue to use, but has been weakened to some extent.

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Download goblin_invasion.apk for free on Filesonic.com

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