Pinball Crazy Castle HD v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Real Pinball Simulation from Nena Innovation!
A Sequel to praised and popular Dino Madness Pinball, also available for android devices!
Fun, fun, fun! This is the latest installment of Nena Pinball with a physically accurate table and physical simulation, great HD graphics and sounds!

Features :

Rich, exciting table with lots of strategy and different ways to score hi.
Progress through adventures to to save the princess and activate multiball.
Jackpots, End-of-Ball bonus, multiball action and more!
Superior HD graphics with great lighting effects.
Leaderboard featuring the greatest players.
Physically correct simulation through the second generation I Can't Believe It's Not Reality physics engine.
Inspiring music score and exciting sound f/x.
Landscape and Portrait modes supported, dynamic camera with pinch gesture.

Instructions :

Tap START to start playing game, or any of the icons for their respective setting or information.
Drag the plunger backwards to charge and release to let ball go.
Tap anywhere on left side of screen for left flip and anywhere on the right side for right flip.
Shake device carefully to perform a nudge, but not too much or you will be tilted!

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Download Pinball_Crazy_Castle_HD_v1.0.apk for free on

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