Micronytes v2.0.3
Requirements: Android OS 1.5 +
Overview: Micronytes is the ultimate platform game for Android.

Micronytes is the ultimate platform game for Android. It's HD graphics will leave you breathless and its revolutionary control system will get you hooked. Play all its 80 challenging levels and get all the trophies if you have what it takes.

A patient with a strange disease needs your help. You control the microscopic Micronytes on their hunt for the evil greens. Will you manage to cure the patient?
The game has an intro that immerses the player into the story, and two possible alternative outros that closes this opus.

The control system is innovative and intuitive with only three possible actions. These are as easy as going left (tap left part of the screen), going right (tap right part of the screen) and jumping (shake the device, but please do it gently you can adjust the sensitivity we don't want a wiimote like massacre ).
If you don't like the recommended control system you can have classic on screen joystick too, or even a Zeemote JS1 if you own one!

Micronytes features HD graphics (for suitable devices like Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom). Explore Micronyte's world through its four different worlds.

Micronytes offers you plenty of entertainment hours. In addition to its 80 levels there is an achievement system that makes the game highly replayable. This trophies will enable a different ending to the story.

Music is one of the main characters in Micronytes. The sound track is a travel through different styles like jazz, orchestral and emotional filled grand piano songs. You wont get out of your head some of the tunes.

- HD resolution (where available, it works like a charm in Galaxy Tab)
- 80 playable levels
- Original Sound Track
- Unlockable alternative ending (via trophies)

Recent changes:
Fixed OpenFeint on the motorola xoom with android 3.2, please email us if you still have the same issue.
Zeemote fixed on some cellphones!

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Download m203.apk for free on Filesonic.com

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