Drag Racing Premium v1.1.8
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview:Did you know you can turn your Android device into a racecar? No, this isn't like another release of a Transformers movie. With Drag Racing Premium, you can choose from over 50 cars, from an Integra, to an Evo, to a Veyron SS, and run it down a virtual drag strip against real or virtual opponents, winning big cash prizes as you climb the circuit to stardom.

The Path to Racing Fame
Your first task: get a car! You'll start out with Level 1 cars and a budget of $25,000 ($10,000 more than the free version). As you win races and progress as a driver, you'll earn more money so you can afford more expensive, higher performance machines. You have 10 levels of cars from which to choose, but choose wisely, because the car best equipped with the right combination of power, weight, and grip will give you an edge over your competitors.

As you choose your car, you can peruse the garage and jump in and test drive the various models within your price range. Once you decide, press the Buy button, and that baby's all yours. Your bank account will be running a little low, but with the extra money you get in the premium version, use any remaining funds to beef up your car by tapping the Upgrade button and tune your racing machine to perfection. This is your opportunity to get the winning edge over your competition.

You're now ready to race! You can choose to Race Offline, run a Quick Race, race in the Pro League, or race with Friends. By creating a profile, you'll be able to join others online to match your skills with the best or just with people you know you can beat. If you choose a Quick Race, for example, you're given the choice to race Face to Face, in a Drivers Battle, or in a Bet and Race match. In Face to Face, you race against a recorded run by a randomly selected opponent at your level. In Drivers Battle, you and an online opponent drive identical cars in a battle of skill to get the prize. In Bet and Race, you and your opponent wager the same amount of "respect points" where the winner takes all and the looser gets nothing.

Driving Skill
These are racecars, not your grandmomma's Oldsmobile. You'll soon learn that shifting with a manual transmission is an art in itself, and can be the crucial skill you need to win. Learning how to take off without spinning out is essential too: not too much accelerator, not too little. When running a drag race, you can always see where your opponent is relative to you on the status bar at the top of the screen. Oh, and don't forget the Nitro button. Vroom!

A Game to Keep you Racing for a Long Time
Drag Racing Premium will keep you going with lots of variety and quality. From cool graphics, to realistic controls, to sound effects and music, to racing animation, you'll appreciate that this is a smartphone app that is a cut above the average. For added reality, go to Settings, turn on Vibration, and feel your engine's rumble as you hold the virtual wheel, ready for your expert command. With the ability to race against other players in real-time, you're not just playing against software. Gain friends and bragging rights with Drag Racing Premium.

Product Features
Get $10,000 more in beginning virtual currency than in the free version
Drive 50+ cars including Integra, Evo, and Veyron SS
Buy performance upgrades and tune your car
Challenge other racers online
Enjoy this premium ad-free version

What's new in version 1.1.8
Added anti-cheat in PL
New security features
Added ability to paint rims
Fixed wheels (HVGA/QVGA)
World Records--challenge the best runs ever recorded
Various interface tweaks in race and menus
Minor bug fixes

More Info:
Amazon.com: Drag Racing Premium: Appstore for Android
Download Instructions:
Download dr118.apk for free on uploading.com

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