Girl Versus Knives v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview:As a professional knife hand, you will perform the most challenging and most dangerous acrobatics - Girls VS swords.

Tied to your assistant on the spinning wheel of death, considered a good fine time and with a knife point on a spinning wheel position is to avoid injury to the only way to beautiful assistant.

Of course, the actual performances will always be accidents, but do not despair ......

Once you have successfully challenged, then enter the next level will become even more difficult.

Is not that cruel? Haha, yes, cruel, cruel but not for you, but the next stage of the spectators, they do not want you too well, after all, they are a group of thrills and excitement for fear that the world is not cruel person!

If you feel that your assistant is too beautiful, it has been the challenges go on, you will become the greatest knife throwing hand!

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