KAPOW 1.01
Requirements: Android 2.0 +
Overview: KAPOW - a game provides a new way to communicate!

Have you already felt bored with the old ways to say hello? Rather than phone call, SMS, facebook and twitter, KAPOW gives you a brand new interesting way to say hello to your friends. And furthermore, an addictive game.

In the game, you will select one of your friends from your phone contacts, and then, tap the screen to choose angle and power, strike! But it's not over yet. You will ride on him to collect items. Then use the items - missle, thunder, or even a whole plane to hit him, to make him fly higher and further. But be careful! The birds in the sky may hit you! So tap the screen to jump to avoid this.

Use your items wisely, to make him fly further. Collect coins in the sky and buy weapons. Gain experience to level up, get stronger and additional strikes. And much more!

When he finally falls to the ground, you will catch up with him and make a glorious victory gesture. *Why not share this picture with him? You can choose, either send an MMS/kik to your friend or share it on your facebook, twitter or other platforms to let others know what had happened between you and him.

We will continuously update the game. More features will be added. You will have chance to "say" more to your friends by playing this game.

Features List:
* A brand new way to communicate with people: Use a real game experience.
* Share anytime: When something great is happening in the game, or after the game.
* Share to any social platform: Kik, Facebook, Twitter, and much more.
* Directly send MMS to the friend you played with: No internet needed. And this show him/her how you concerned about him/her. Then he/she can beat you back!
* An addictive game: A classic game with a lot of new innovations. Intense and Addictive.
* Continuously Updates: We will update the game regularly to make it more interesting and addictive.
* Great graphics and music: We concerned about any tiny details.
* FREE is the best thing!

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