9 Innings:Pro Baseball v4.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Play 9 Innings with REAL All Stars in 2011 Playoffs.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011, in association with MLBPA, brings you the best full-featured baseball sim game with all your favorite Major Leaguers! Featuring REAL players updated with their latest stats, 9 Innings showcases almost 780+ actual player profiles.

Major Updates
September 23rd MLBPA's latest pitcher roster updated and another update scheduled on 10/6 for improved app stability.

Balanced and applied all retired/new/FA "pitchers" of the latest MLBPA roster data.

- 24 new players (previous players deducted)
- 10 FA players added
- 10 changes of pitcher positions
- Increased stats of Stephen Strasburg, Suzuki Ichiro, Adrian Gonzales, etc.

All "batters" cards will be updated to the latest MLBPA roster data in October.

Collect your favorite players and add to your team roster in the Baseball Card Shop. Cards come in Normal, Rare, Special, Hero and Platinum grades, and you can draw new cards or combine them to obtain stronger players.
Winning points also level up cards and improve your players' stats.
Use an Inning Jump Card to skip innings before bringing in the reliever.
If the players' card deck is changed after an update, your current stats may decrease. Go to My Card Box to rearrange the players with their new stats.

Key Features
- 3 Different Play Modes: League, Exhibition, and Homerun
- Change lineups, rotations and players as the manager
- Customize your team at the card shop
- Master 100 achievements
- Ranking system

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Download Instructions:
Download 9Innings.apk for free on uploading.com