Wonder Empire v2.0
Requirements: Android
Overview: Miracle is a business empire and war, free high-definition large-scale mobile social games. Fast and your friends to join together to create the miracle of your own empire now!

Papaya with 25 million players play with a miracle empire, the empire on your journey!
Miracle is a set of business empire, war, leisure and free high-definition in one large social game. You dreamed and friends together to build an empire it? Here, you can create a magnificent ancient empires; you can call statues cast magic; you can build military adventure, Daguai, attack other territory, and eventually become the continent's emperors; more important is that you can your friends together to experience this process Oh!
In the game, if you have any suggestions or questions you can send mail to wonder_empire@163.com. We will give you resolve any problems, if your proposal is adopted, there will be a mystery gift waiting for you Oh!

Rule description:

--- [Business] ---

Here, you can build more than 200 buildings;
Here, you can call four kinds of gods, they will display their magic magic, to bring a magical effect;
Here, you can grow crops, commercial taxes, residential recruit people, train the army barracks;
Here, you can visit a friend's territory, and friends are;
Here, you can create your own character territory;

--- [War] ---

Here, have 36 kinds of monsters, the future will have more;

Here, you can train your troops to fight monsters surrounding territory;
Here, you will be the true map of the surrounding territory of the user, and based on the true position layout, which means that users are near your territory near the real users of your Oh!
Here, into the civilian population, baron, viscount, earl, marquis, duke, emperor 7 title, you beat the other users will be meritorious;
Here, you can add friends to ally with them offensive, along with defense, with the achievements of the emperor of the road;
Here, the robot is divided into two camps Union and Apple alliance, there will be in mid-game battle between the two alliances Oh!
Here, you can dig treasure, to find the legendary treasure!

--- [Stage] ---

Beginning of the game you will have one of their own territory, the surrounding territory have a variety of monsters to defeat these monsters you will open a war mode;
Turn war mode, you will be able to attack the territory near the user, the plundering of resources, the accumulation of contributions, to obtain title;
Rose to a certain title then you will be able to enter the feature map, you can dig treasure, you can participate in league play against, you can challenge a variety of interesting tasks;

v2.0 update:

- Alipay: Alipay added feature, players can more easily recharge Luo;
- Add a Friend: New apk players to more easily add support for a friend;
- War System: Open war mode, players attack each other between the upgrade title, enter a new map;
- Pet System: Long can build nests;
- Dragon Nest can summon pets, pet grow, then the owner can help fight.

Download Instructions:
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Download Wonder_Empire_v2.0.apk for free on uploading.com

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