Pumpkins Vs Monster v2.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Simple control,flick the pumpkin, attack monster!
AndroidTapp.com Rating: *****(4.85 out of 5)

In the darkness midnight, the monsters revived. They are gonging to invade people's home .The world will not peace anymore.
But our people are still in their sweet dream, no one knows the dangerous.
At this time, the pumpkin hero appeared, they work together to protect people's house, use they bodies to attack the monsters.
The incomparable new mode will bring you very different new experience.

- Action & Match 3 & defensive type of game perfect combination
- Simple control,flick the pumpkin, attack monster
- story mode, up to 75 Levels
- 5 different worlds
- Endless mode, guarantees you many long hours of fun
- 6 different attributes of pumpkins
- Shop System

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