Battle Bears BLAST v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Get the latest BATTLE BEARS game for FREE! Over 11 Million BB games downloaded.

Easy to play, tough to master. BLAST is a fun & addictive shooter. Just slide one finger around to blast away hordes of HUGGABLES trying to hug you to death but DO NOT SHOOT WIL!

"BLAST is a must play mobile game." *****

"BLAST is the perfect mobile arcade shooter, and truly redefines the genre." *****

BLAST features two action-packed game modes with Game Center.

+60 SECOND MODE - Blast away as many Huggables and Nuggs as possible! Hit as many color combos as possible to boost your score.
+SURVIVAL MODE - See how long you can last without getting hugged. 3 HUGS AND YOU'RE OUT!
+CUSTOMIZE OLIVER by achieving objectives and create your own BATTLE BEAR.
TIP #1: Use the White Huggables as wild cards to make bigger combos!
TIP #2: DON'T TAP! Just HOLD YOUR THUMB DOWN & SLIDE IT AROUND to fire. Your crosshair will be slightly above your thumb to allow more visibility. This is normal.
TIP #3: Watch the funny intro movie by tapping the MOVIE button. You will laugh!

NEW UPDATES COMING SOON - new maps, armor, helmets, skins and more.

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