Diablo v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+ language:English
Overview: "Diablo" Blizzard of 1996 the company introduced a classic action RPG game, the English name of Diablo, from Spanish, meaning the devil, the devil meant.
2000 "Diablo 2" listing, "Diablo 3" not yet released (2010.2.25).

Game, all action hero control, and interface settings, may be represented by a mouse is responsible for all of the game screen to sixty degrees tilt manifested,
game full of all the scenes in real time three-dimensional projection shown, in addition to the effect of light and shade, the character of the movement effect is very smooth, the performance of magic is a must.
game still very large quantity of weapons, armor and props.

+Sony Ericsson Xperia Zhuanban (other models not being played)
+Packet installation path(card): Android / data
+The main program 5.1M packets 415M

More Info:
Diablo, Diablo PC - GameSpot.com
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Download Diablo.rar for free on uploading.com