ZENONIA® 4 v1.0.2
Requirements: Android 2.1up + language - English Other
Overview: "Zenonia4" is a type of mobile phone role-playing games, the English name is Zenonia 4, produced by the Gamevil company.

"Zenonia4" is "Zenonia" for the fourth series of the game, now on the Android platform has been officially released.
Continuation of the game screen is still a good 2D screen style. Real-time strategy, while adding the Final Fantasy style upgrade system and menu system.
Action RPG game retains the classic essence of mode!

game character has a Paladin, Archer, Warlock and Warrior four kinds of career choices, to a certain extent, the role to achieve the greatest degree of personalization,
Also provide you with even more shocking than the previous two games combined experience!

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