Shark Jump v2.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview:Shark Jump free is an incredibly addictive fun jumping action game.

The shark is a lot of hungry.
The shark has to eat as many creatures as possible in the sea, sky, and even in the outer space.
You can enjoy this funny game to jump higher and higher.

The cheerful shark wants to jump higher and higher.
At first, this game starts at the depths of the sea.
After some jumping, you'll reach a blue sky glistening in the blazing sun.
Finally, you will reach cool space and galaxy.

+ Control left and right tilt only (do not need to tap)
+ Eat seafoods and Jump higher
+ Eating people make the Shark Jump gets bigger and faster endlessly
+ Watch out for killer items that'll stop you dead in your tracks!
+ Eating people consecutively makes mega jumping
+ able to choose two mode, Endless or Misson.
+ Cartoon graphics and beautiful multi-layered backdrops
+ FREE GAME for gamers
+ Free gameplay

This cool game "Shark Jump" is for all ages - men and women -.
Especially it is popular among kids and addicting for girls and boys.

If you are a girl, tiny crabs, cute tunas, lovely angelfishes,addicting penguins and scary aliens will make you feel the shark cute and pretty.
Girls love this game.
If you are a boy, you will be excited when shark eats human and other creatures.
Boys love this game for sure.
If you are a kid, you may find out it is difficult to handle and control the shark.
Don't worry!!
You will get used to it in a quick second.
This game is suitable for those who like car racing games, shooting games or any other games on Android market.
Kids should keep playing, keep trying and finally keep Jumping!!

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Download for FREE! Have FUN!

update information
9/7 version1.0.1 bug fixed

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