Spinky Zoologic v1.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: A superb puzzle game with great chain reactions! Just a rotation can make a great chain reaction happen!

Birds eat nuts and monkeys eat bananas - this is a food chain reaction puzzle.

Anywhere and anytime, you can enjoy it in a small amount of time!
Cute and simple, but you can explore deeply?! From beginners to experienced players, everyone can enjoy it. No time limit. If you end the application during your play. you can re-start anytime from where you left.
Most adaptable functionality for touch-panels. Easy one handed operation.
Simple but you will be addicted!

[How to play Spinky Zoologic]
This game is a puzzle where keys need to be unlocked by having animals eat their food. Unlocking the required number of keys at each stage will make you complete the stage.
When you start the game, Life 10 will be given. One Life is required to turn the block and when Life is 0, game is over.

[Moving the blocks]
Push the rotation button and the 4 blocks within the cursor will move clock-wise. But if there is a lock in the cursor, you can not push the rotation button.

[Feeding the animals]
Birds and nuts, monkeys and banana etc., when specific combinations are horizontally aligned, animals will go and eat the food.
If there is nothing in between the animal and food, even with a distance, the animal will move to eat.
If multiple of food is connected, one animal will eat it all.

[Making a chain reaction happen]
When the animal eat the food, the block disappears and the block above comes down. If the block from above has the animal-food combination, the chain reactions continue and blocks disappear.

[Unlocking the keys]
A key is a special item. When two keys are horizontally connected, keys are unlocked. When unlocked, all animals and food change to one kind of combination.
Also the blocks with keys will change to hearts.

[Increasing Life]
Horizontally connecting two heart blocks increases one Life. Hearts appear when keys are unlocked and blocks with keys change.

[Using the bombs]
Using a bomb can erase one block of animal of food.
To get 'bomb mode', please press the bomb button below at the right hand side of the screen.
Place the cursor at the object and press the explosion (rotation) button.
Up to three bombs can be used per game. Bombs can not be increased.

In this game, there are 20 stages total.
Every time, even in the same stage, the puzzles change.
Good luck!

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