Rainbow Racer v1.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Warning! Highly addictive racing game you just cannot put down!
What is it!? It's a physics-based racing game that allows you to share your scores per region. Compete in your country, region or against the whole world - it's your choice. Use the phones accelerometer to pace though levels. Try to achieve the quickest time possible and you could be on top of the leaderboards!

* Highly addictive gameplay, especially the online region-based challenges
* Challenging online gameplay with actual player racing, not just scores but real interaction.
* Ribbon score achievement levels
* Realistic physics-based accelerometer controls
* New levels each week (currently a small set of introductory levels), more levels coming soon, so watch for updates!
* Beautiful artwork

Gameplay tips:
* Keep the phone level (parallel to ground), when you start a new level
* Be very careful, the game is difficult at first, but gets easier as you play
* Take part in the online community, share your scores
* Do not miss the stars you need them to finish a level
* Start by going slowly and as you become better you can aim for the quickest times

Updates coming soon:
* New levels will be added soon (every week or two new levels will be available as part of the update).
* New city pack artwork, coming in the next month.
* A community level editor is in development and a community to share levels on will be made available.

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: Rainbow Racer.apk

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