Magical Cannon Girls vF2011.09.13
Requirements: Android 1.6 up
Overview: The vertical scrolling shooter game that combines elements of orthodox magical girl character and story.
Leave a crisp exhilaration defeat the enemy!

+ Vertical scrolling shooter orthodox type.
+ Cute characters have magical girl.
Beauty · graphics.
+ Scenes conversations with characters, story arcs.
Enemies attacking characters have a variety of magic ·.
Various stage configurations · magical space.
+ The power-up weapons and items to take, a powerful magic attack.
+ The four stages of difficulty from Very Hard Easy.
+ Touch screen operation.
Shooting crisp defeat the enemy orthodox type.
+ Is not shooting barrage.

vF2011.09.13 updates:
- Fixed error advertising
More Info:
Download Instructions: One click file hosting: MagicalCannonGirlsF20110913.apk

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