fishing Life v2.2.8
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: The Age of Sail for Fishing Life will set in.Do yo still settle just for fishing in small ponds ?
You're so out of it!Set sail to fish different rare fish all around the world!
Download and play FISHING LIFE now!!! The latest fishing game that is highly addictive and totally entertaining.

Game Uniqueness:

*Great sail: 4 brand new harbors are opened now. Set sail to fish the new rare fish!
*Super cool fishing fort, giving you a whole new experience of fishing!
*Cool Collection: Collect Fish Ilustration through fishing, we have luxurious Display Wall for you to meed your demands!
*Trident - Shoot 3 bullets at one target from different directions
*Freezing gun - Freeze the fish for more hits
*Penetrate arrow - penetrate all the fishes in one direction instantly
* More than 2 times the capture rate and double the amount of gold coins gift as compared to other ordinary fishing games.
* Get ten times extra gold coins when you catch a golden dead fish.
*Super challenge mode let you compete on a global scale to reach top world ranking.
*Play it everyday and get Big "Daily Gift" surprise (400 gold coins)!

* Sea times: to complete the task to obtain ships, fishing harbor rare species unlock!
* screen upgrade: upgrade across the board game screen, the underwater world, shooting cannons, gold chest, all update looks.
*a key share: Add a key camera functions, anytime, anywhere with Sina microblogging platforms such as social networking friends to share the joy of fishing.
* optimize the fish array: array of all fish fully optimized and easier to capture, earn gold easier.

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