3D CarMonsters v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: robot wars is a combination of my car. 3D action fighting games.

(1) when the game is not.
>> Make sure your network connection and
(2) kamonreul then your opponent does not appear to War.
>> Normal is not a registered kamonyi jaedeungrokhaseyo sakjehu.
(3) The game is slow.
>> 3D game. After shut down other applications that are running Get started.

[How to play the game]

(1) the preparation of the mind to create your own kamoneul .
(2) NEW button to select a vehicle for a new kamoneul.
(3) the selection is complete, select the type of vehicle is.
(4) will assume the form of the name, then kamonui .
(5) the name and purify starts when the first war. Relative kamoneul Select!
(6) The War chireunhu unharmed, kamon menu will replace the vehicle. Of course, that point should not be purchased.
(7) to purchase an item from ahyitemsyap. After purchasing an item from ahyitemsyap must be fitted.
(8) mounted to proceed in setting up the items. Up to five slots, so action're going to keep the technology to keep the item must be set.
(9) If we complete all the challenges.

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