Rock Star v01.00.04
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Burning Rocks taephaneun exciting new concept in rhythm-bit game is to touch the box.Various kinds of touch according to the results seen with a more vibrant and stylish effects and can enjoy an exciting game.

Game Description

1. Depending on your tastes may change in several markers with the Own new style of play is
2. Moving in rhythm to speed is when you touch the image of the box.
3. Appropriately depending on the difficulty and the number of combo specials that change Watch the video of the effect
4. S-mode has been added to the game

How to Play

1. Completed according to the flow of music going to touch the image at the appropriate time.
2. Out of sync with the song in the value of the options aneulgyeongwoo Please balances)
3. Touch the slide way possible.

Key Features

1. Unlike traditional forms of a unique box-touch game
2. Colorful and live performances usually experience the sound quality is made ​​negatively.
3. Locks of tile a powerful and spectacular rhythm game.
4. From dreamy atmosphere, powerful and intense style jeophasilsu rakeumakeul may vary.
5. Dazzling multi-touch touch of fun and, depending on the timing of the vibrant and diverse effects seen

the capacity of a rock star is about 40MB.
and so stored as nanhuen SDCARD
Is accounted for only 1.2MB.
But being down the process of installing an internal storage space lf
if there is not enough for installation errors can fly.

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