Touch Pool 2D v3.1.3
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: This pool game is PACKED FULL of fun ways to play Pool on your phone...

LOTS of re-play value! 8&9 Ball vs CPU, several unique single player modes like Run The Table and Marathon, 15+ Ways to Play pool, 25+ Achievements, unique challenge modes, themes and more! This game is more than most pool games, it's loaded with fun, interesting ways to play to keep you coming back for more.

Try some fun new game modes like Run the Table, Flick Challenge, Marathon and Gold Balls!

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Thank you to our customers! Now OVER 90% of our ratings are 4+ STARS!! We truly appreciate your feedback and business, we'll work hard to add more fun updates!

Still the Best pool game on the Android Market.
700+ 5-Star Ratings!

The magic of this pool game is that it has traditional pool games like 8-Ball & 9-Ball vs the Computer, but it ALSO has fun & unique ways to play pool for an endless amount of fun.

The following 12+ pool game modes include:

Single Player Pool Game Modes:
- First to 8 (free form)
- First to 15 (free form)
- In Order
- Solids First
- 8 Ball Last

Pool Games vs the Computer:
- First to 4 (free form pool)
- First to 8 (free form pool)
- 8 Ball
- 9 Ball

Challenge Modes:
- Run the Table (you can't miss)
- Flick Challenge
- 3 Minute Challenge
- 5 Minute Challenge

Pool is a game that so many of us have played in our homes, in college, in bars and basements. Now you have a fun pool game in your pocket with Touch Pool 2D.

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Enjoy this fun and full featured pool game on your phone today.

v3.1.3 updates:
Updated graphics and sound;
Repair shadow.

More Info:
Download Instructions: - Mobil Upload

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