Hỗ trợ Android 1.6 trở lên. Thấy bán súng ghê wa nên kg chơi thử.

Quake 3 – ioquake3 Engine (Freeware Demo Files Provided)
Full, very useable on screen controls, that are very similar to games like NOVA.
Fully optimized for Xoom and Honeycomb
Hit MENU -> Join Server to join the server easily.
I recommend playing by flipping your phone so that either your volume buttons or camera button is on the top, and using either camera or volume up to shoot by using your pointer finger. This is the best way to play the game. Volume Down also does jump.
ONLINE PLAY!!! Server in Favorites
Server Widget Coming Soon
Zeemote Support
Menu – Toggle Keyboard/Join Server/Quit Game
Search – Console
Back – ESC
Volume Up – Shoot
Volume Down – Jump
Camera – Shoot
Use the virtual analog hub to navigate through menus and use the shoot button to select items in menus.
Requires a 50mb download.
If you hit Multiplayer you might see ??? for the server. Just hit refresh at the bottom and it should show you the name and number of players. I will upgrade the server to 32 slots when it gets more active.
Do not enable lightmaps unless you have a powerful phone as it will take a huge hit on your framerate and game performance.
What’s in this version:
-Fixed the Menu
-Fixed downloading PAKs bug
-Various bug fixes
-Battery optimizations
-Quality optimizations (renders 720p on Xoom now)
*VFP support coming soon (Snapdragon/OMAP/Tegra2 speed boost)
Link: quake3droidv31-Market-Militia-.apk
Pass download: droidviet.com

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