Are you looking for classic bomberman style games in android market,such as poptag,poptang,BNB,or Crazy Arcade?
Oh,it is a pity that you got no result! Bingo,Fruit Pop is what you want!
Long long ago,there was a mysterious fruit country,where people lived a peaceful and happy life. But one day a few strangers broke in and hijacked all of the adults. So it is time that the fruit kids take weapons to protect their home and save their families.
Are you ready to begin an mysterious adventure together with these cute fruit kids? Let’s go!
Highlighted features:
*Tons of in-game items to give you an edge in the battle!
*Many maps of differnt scences bring you exciting experience during the adventure!
*Well-designed levels give you much fun whether you are a new or expert player!
Link: fruit_pop.apk
Pass download:

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